‘World’s Kindest Crook’ Returns Money To Woman After Seeing Her Bank Balance [Video]

Deng the Robber at ATM CGTN Youtube Screenshot

By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Everyone is a victim of another victim. This sad truth, recognized by few, was briefly taken into account by a robber in China after he attempted to rob a woman, then changed his mind.

GoodNewsNetwork reports that in the city of Heyuan, China, a woman identified by her surname Li was withdrawing money from an ATM at an ICBC Bank when she was approached by a man with a knife.

The man told her to give him the 2,500 yuan ($371) that she had withdrawn. But, unsatisfied by the sum, he asked her to show him her account balance. That’s when he saw that her balance was at 0. With a laugh and a smile, he returned the money to the woman he had just stolen it from.

In the video below, the man, who has since been identified by his surname Deng, can be seen walking away from the bank. Li watches behind him, shocked and in disbelief.

The robber was later found and detained by the Heyuan Police, reports Miaopai media. Law enforcement told the press that Deng had attempted to rob the woman because he “did not have a permanent job.”

Oddly enough, the man is receiving praise from social media users. Supporters say he did the right thing by returning the money, which makes up for the attempt to first steal it. What do you think? Please comment your thoughts below.

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