Woman Sues Fertility Doctor Who Used His Own Sperm To Impregnate Her Twice

Fertility Doctor and family

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A Californian woman has sued her fertility doctor on the accusation of “medical rape”. Katherine Richards, the mother of two, has explained how the doctor had used his own sperm to impregnate her without consent. This incident was apparently repeated two times.

One of Katherine’s children, Julie Druyor, had recently gone for an at-home DNA test. When the test results returned, she was quite confused. Soon the family figured out the children were carrying the DNA of the fertility doctor whom the mother had consulted 40 years back.

In the 70s, Mr. and Mrs. Richards were unable to conceive naturally. So they decided to consult a fertility doctor and explore new options. 

A Serial Fertility Doctor?

In the federal civil lawsuit filed by her, Katherine has claimed that Dr. Michael Kiken had used his own sperm. This fertility doctor used to practice in Alamo, California previously. So, without any knowledge of the matter, Katherine had conceived both her daughter and son from the sperm of her doctor. Katherine’s attorney has also claimed that the fertility doctor had used his sperm on multiple occasions to impregnate other women who came to him. And each time, he would reassure these women that donor sperm was being used.

Adam Wolf, the attorney, has claimed that Kiken had used his sperm on at least 3 occasions. He had serially used his sperm without ever consulting his patients or informing them about it.

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The doctor has been accused of “medical rape”. Wolf explained that the children had to take a DNA test and consult a genealogist to confirm that Kiken was the father.


Druyor is still quite upset with the whole situation. She feels that she is a product of the abuse her mother was made to tolerate. And that is not something she can come to terms with.

Kiken, the fertility doctor, currently holds a Virginia license to practice. He has not practiced in California after 1997.

“How could someone do this in good conscience? How could they dare abuse the trust we place in him?” Katherine asked.

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