After Giving Birth To An Asian Daughter White Couple Sues Fertility Clinic

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

With modern technology, it’s not always necessary to go down the traditional paths of conception. Now, we have in-vitro fertilization, surrogacy, and many other ways of conceiving or rather creating the next generations. Plus, the best thing about these technologies is that in most cases, they can be quite safe. As we continue to modify the technology and make them better, the safety factor in using technology just keeps on rising. 

However, there are always some mess-ups that can take place. And when that occurs, it can be really distressing for the parents. 

A couple, Kristina Koedderich and her husband, Drew Wasilewski, opted for in-vitro fertilization, using the sperm of Drew Wasilewski. They are both White and as genetics says, their child is supposed to be White too. However, about 6 years later, the couple is suing the fertility clinic – supposedly, they have given birth to not a White baby but an Asian child! 

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The couple is now divorced but both of them claim that they paid a sum of $500,000 to the fertility center, Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Science (IRMS), located in New Jersey. While the clinic is of the opinion that the sum paid was only 10% of the stated amount, the accountability does not diminish.

In general, the process, which was conducted back in 2013, was successful. Kristina gave birth to their baby girl in the month of July that year and it was such a happy day for the family. However, as the girl started to grow up, there was something different. She was starting to develop Asian features. That’s when the family decided to go for a DNA test. Well – it turns out that the Drew Wasilewski is not the real father of this girl. 

In the court, the judge has ordered IRMS to produce the names of the people who had used their fertility services. By looking at the names, it would be possible to find out who the real father of the child is. It is also possible that the child of Drew Wasilewski is with some other family.  

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The clinic, however, is a bit miffed about everything. Releasing the list means that it will affect the privacy of many people and hence, would affect a lot more people than the concerned parties. However, the concerned parents have mentioned how this mess-up has caused immense trauma, pain, and suffering. They also mentioned that the quality of their secured life has come down after this discovery. They seek financial compensation.

IRMS mentioned that they have examined the documents and the incident thoroughly. However, they cannot reveal their findings as it would go against their privacy policies.

IMAGE CREDIT: Natalia Lukiyanova

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