With These New Crayola Colors All Children Can Color Themselves In Their Own Skin Tone

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We all know learning starts early in life. The earlier we get exposed to ideas of cultural and communal harmony, the better it is for world peace. And in a stunning revelation, everyone’s favorite color company has just unveiled their latest pack. They are calling it “Colors of the World.”

This latest Crayola color pack features at least 40 different skin colors to promote inclusivity among children, for all races, ethnicities, and cultures. 

The latest pack dropped on 21st May in celebration of the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. The company hoped that children around the world would be able to accurately represent themselves in their drawings. 

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Colors of the World

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Rich Wuerthele, CEO of Crayola, said in a statement that the company wants to promote inclusivity in creativity and wanted to advance the children in expressing themselves. Wuerthele further added that they hope for a diverse world with representation and acceptance for every color. 


“Colors Of The World” To Feature Diverse Skin Tones

The latest pack of Crayola crayon pack “Colors of the World” has been rigorously tested before it was introduced in the market. In addition to that, the company also partnered with Victor Casale. Casale is known for his wonderful and extensive work in creating varied skin tone foundations. He was a managing and chief chemist at MAC and is currently the CEO of MOB Beauty. 

Casale, speaking of his childhood experience, said that he used to mix dark brown and pink crayons to get his skin shade. And so, he was thrilled to work with Crayola in giving children their proper representation, he added. 

Working together for over 8 months, Crayola and Casale have finally produced several shades that cover a range from the light to the dark sides. The total number of palettes is currently at 24 different shades. 

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Crayola Partnered Up With MOB Beauty’s Victor Casale

Mimi Dixon, brand manager at Crayola, said that apart from the extensive knowledge Casale possesses, his enthusiasm and love for diversity was what impressed them the most. And hence, the “Colors of the World” will surely reflect the invaluable love and compassion behind its development. 

The new Crayola crayon pack features panels on the side that give a color reference. Moreover, every individual crayon will be beautifully wrapped in a skin color label. The names of the crayons will be given in French, English, and Spanish. 

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Each individual crayon has also been given realistic simple names so that children can easily identify and pick their own shades. They range from extra light almond to deepest almond. 

This Crayola crayon pack “Colors of the World” will hit the markets by July. And it comes in a 24 count pack and 32 count pack. 

We all know that schools have remained suspended due to the ongoing pandemic, but this looks like an all-round mood lifter. 

Image Credits: Crayola

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