Asian Americans In San Francisco Are Being Protected From Discrimination By These Military Veterans

Asian Americans

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Since the outbreak of coronavirus from Wuhan, a city in China, many Asian Americans have faced racial discrimination amidst unaccounted fears. Excluding the pandemic, the U.S has also been boiling under recent political unrest and a falling global economy. 

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In a real gesture of harmony during these chaotic times, the military veterans have decided to patrol areas of San Francisco’s Chinatown as threats against Asian Americans grow. The group, formed of local volunteering residents, is named SF Peace Collective. 

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Max Leung, one of the founders of the group, said that he thought of the idea even before the coronavirus related racism began to rise. But recent incidents of racism against Asian Americans have definitely strengthened his determination to protect the pan-ethnic community.

Veterans Persist To Protect

SF Peace Collective has members from different backgrounds, some formerly served in the Marines, the Army, and the Navy. And since all of them have been trained to handle hostile situations and are skilled in first-aid, they have really uplifted the area’s security. 

Leung, in an interview with NBC Asian America, said that just the presence of U.S veterans can deter someone from indulging in racist behavior. 

Leung also expressed his disappointment with the mainstream media and their lack of enthusiasm over reporting cases related to Asian Americans. He further remarked that the racist incidents against Asian Americans usually were left unreported. Leung explained that this was the main reason he decided that the community needed to take things into their own hands. 

Asian Americans

SF Peace Collective is yet to catch any racist incident in the area. However, over 650 racist incidents have been reported by Asian Americans in just a week. These anti-Asian and xenophobic attacks have been on the rise across the United States. 

Over 650 Racist Incidents Against Asian Americans Reported In A Week

Recently an Asian American reported a person who allegedly spat and harassed her in the middle of a busy street in San Francisco. The stranger also screamed, “F—— China.” Another incident from New York highlighted the rise in anti-Asian sentiment when a woman punched an Asian American and shouted racist slurs. 

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Given the rise of such cases, Letitia James, New York Attorney General, has even announced a hotline number. 

Leung also reported that he too has faced racial violence and was even shot at, in one incident. He elaborated that prejudice, discrimination, bullying, and racial violence has been a persistent issue in the community. 

Leung further asserted that the SF Peace Collective will not only deter any racist incidents from happening, but it will also give a sense of safety to the community. He said that he hopes to empower and inspire the Asian Americans to live freely, without any fear. 

Anti-Asian sentiment has been on the rise since rumors of the coronavirus being an intentional disease spread by the Chinese government surfaced. Many other conspiracies connected to the pandemic and the Asian people have also been on the rise. None of these rumors are substantiated. 

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Image Credit: SF Peace Collective

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