Why So Many People Stay Single And Why They Can’t Attract The Right Partner (Metaphysical Perspective)


By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory 

When we think about why so many of us stay single for a very long time. Many people might say that it is hard to find the right person. I agree with this statement. However, most people aren’t aware of different rules and laws governing our lives that might have an influence on how we attract potential partners into our lives.

Nothing is an accident in our lives. We attract situations and people based on many factors. 

And in this video, I want to share some examples of these laws and rules that govern our relationships. Let me say, that this is not a full list and every situation is different so I’m generalizing here. 

The very first thing I want to discuss is what is often called Divine Timing. 

As with anything, the right conditions need to be present for something greater to manifest. 

And what I noticed is that more aligned relationships aren’t materializing that frequently. Sometimes the opportunity to meet a very aligned person might happen only once in a few years. Think about when you met your very good friend, for example. Think about how many people you meet in your life every year and how many of them become your best friend that you stay in touch with for years. Probably this does not happen that often. The same applies to romantic relationships. The conditions to meet the right person can occur once in many years.
Watch the video below to learn more: 

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