Personal Development Coaching


I had to learn almost everything myself and this was mostly through trial and error. Throughout my life, I was experimenting with hundreds of different tools, methods, and techniques to improve my performance and build myself up. I tried various diets, exercise routines, meditation practices, mind hacking techniques, and personal development tools. 

I did spend many years absorbing knowledge in those fields. 

Some of the areas that I can help with: 

– Coming into alignment with your true self
– Discovering your purpose and finding your passion
– Improving mental and physical health
– Creating harmonious work/life balance
– Happiness
– Relationships/dating
– Gaining clarity, removing blockages and obstacles that are slowing you down or preventing you from reaching your goals
– Time management
– Stress reduction
– Confidence and improving self-esteem
– Goal setting

Cost: Single consultation (up to 90minutes long) starts at $150
6-week coaching programmes start at $600

Ready to change your life? 

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