White Castle Is Now Selling ‘Bleeding’ Impossible Burger Sliders

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By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

The world is changing, folks. Iconic fast-food chains are now offering vegan options on their menus. In fact, White Castle is now selling the bleeding Impossible Burger at a handful of stores around the United States.

As you may remember, the lab-engineered faux meat “bleeds” as one bites into it. By introducing it into the menu, White Castle hopes to bridge the gap between cardboard-like veggie burgers and real meat. The meat substitute will be featured in White Castle’s signature sliders.

According to Marketplace, the Impossible Burger is presently offered at 1,300 different restaurants in the United States, including Momofuko Nishi and Fat Burger. However, White Castle is by far the largest chain to partner with Impossible Foods. Pat Brown, the CEO of Impossible Foods, hopes that this partnership will help the vegan food company better understand how to “popularize plant-based meat with mainstream burger lovers.”

The news is big for several reasons. First, White Castle is a true American establishment. It was founded in 1921 by the Ingram family in Wichita, Kansas. For four generations, it has remained a family-operated business. CEO Lisa Ingram says the company decided to introduce a vegan burger option to maintain a strong relationship with customers.

“It really starts by listening to our customers as we try to do with all of our innovations,” said Ingram. “We also have some customers that grew up on White Castle but have decided to be vegetarians… This was a natural evolution for us when we found out that Impossible Foods was creating a plant-based product that looked and tastes like beef both for the people that like meats and for the people that are choosing to have a vegetarian diet.”

The Impossible Burger slider will be available in select stores in New York, New Jersey, and the Chicago area. If the trial run proves successful, White Castle will offer the vegan option nation-wide. Expect to pay $1.99 for the faux “meat” slider, versus $.77 for the regular beef slider.

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Source: Marketplace, Inhabitat

Image Credit: White Castle

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