Wall-E The Dog Was Abandoned At An Animal Shelter With His Bed And All His Toys


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

While the Merry season does bring its share of happiness and joy, some pet animals know another reality. Every year, there is a rise in the number of pets that are abandoned at shelters just before the holiday season.

One of the reasons behind this behavior is that pets are often gifted during the holidays. Soon the receiver realizes they cannot take care of the pet and surrender them to shelters. And some, in order to accommodate a new puppy, prefer to get rid of their senior pets. Senior pets require more attention and care and some people find that tiresome. Irrespective of the reasons, pets are abandoned at shelters all year round.

So, the general public must be aware of the consequences of having a pet animal and also why adoption is better than buying. A recent Facebook post has gone viral in its attempt to spread such awareness.

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Apart from the holiday season, pets are abandoned at shelters the rest of the year for multiple reasons. Some are found on street sides and the person can’t take them in. So they are sent to shelters too. But any such incidents draw a lot of criticism against the owners who abandon the animals. Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge?

We don’t always know the full story or the reason why an animal is abandoned at shelters by people. At times, the owners are forced to surrender their furry buddies and it is as painful for them as it is for the animals. One such incident happened with Wall-E.


One heartbreaking image of Wall-E made all netizens sad about his condition. MCACC West Adoptable Dogs, the shelter where Wall-E was abandoned put up this image along with the caption explaining how the owner dropped the dog with all his toys and even the bed. They also explained how people should not start blaming the owner for this behavior. No one knows what circumstances forced the person to abandon the doggy. Rather the shelter asked people if they could help rehome Wall-E.

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The MCACC shelter also added that the owner was apparently very much grief-stricken when they had to abandon the dog at the shelter. The staff had to help the owner leave and even they could not stop their tears at such a scenario. The shelter believes the owner did not recklessly decide to abandon the dog.


Luckily, Wall-E found his forever home with Lynn Lee very soon. Lee also posted a video of Wall-E in his new house!

Even after going through a lot, this doggo who was abandoned at a shelter finally found his home!

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