”Bicycle Hills” Has Been Implemented In Copenhagen To Serve As Parking Spaces For Bicycles

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Copenhagen has found a very unique parking structure for bicycles. This structure provides covered parking for more than 2000 bicycles and the top of the structure is such made that it can be used as a community meeting space. These bicycle hills are from the house of Danish architectural firm COBE.

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Named Karen Blixens Plads, this area was opened to the public in August 2019. Covering a massive area of nearly 20,000 m2, these bicycle hills are elevated undulating terrains. The whole area is broken in smaller zones for multiple activities. This structure also serves to channelize rainwater so that stormwater management of the city can be improved.

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bicycle hills

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bicycle hills

These bicycle hills are located between the building of the Danish Royal Library and the University of Copenhagen. COBE, EKJ, and CN3 collaborated on this project which serves as a university plaza as well as a public square. 3D modeling was used in designing these hills. The cast concrete shells are covered in tiles and large openings create an airy space below the “hills”. The area also has an outdoor auditorium which can seat nearly 1000 people.

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bicycle hills

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Dan Stubbergaard, the founder of COBE explained how these unique bicycle hills were created on 3 principles. These were to improve connectivity between urban spaces and landscapes, to create a common place for social meetings and for learning, and to integrate green spaces whilst proving parking spaces for a large number of bicycles. The bicycle hills have a cathedral-like form which adds to its aesthetics, believes the founder.

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