Viral Photo Shows Kind Bus Driver Comforting Crying Student On His First Day of School


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

If you tune into CNN or FOX News, you may believe the world is a divisive and hateful place. Though this may be true in some cases, it doesn’t represent the majority of those who inhabit the planet. More often than not, people will go out of their way to support others — even if it is as simple as holding someone’s hand. A viral photo is evidence of this.

Prior to his first day at kindergarten, Axel Johnson excitedly waited for the bus with his mother, Amy. But, as soon as the big, yellow vehicle arrived, he suddenly became anxious. With  tears streaming down his face, he begrudgingly boarded and took a seat.

Amy didn’t want to part with her son while he was crying. Fortunately, she didn’t have to worry about him for very long. The bus driver, Isabel Lane, immediately reached her arm back from the driver’s seat so she could hold Axel’s hand. Touched by the gesture, Amy snapped a photo of the tear-jerking moment.

As GoodNewsNetwork reports, Lane spent the rest of the bus ride chatting with Axel and offering him encouragement for the day ahead. By the time they arrived at school, he had stopped crying. Furthermore, Axel has been excited to ride the bus every day since.

To honor the hard-working teachers, bus drivers, custodians, administration, food service staff, and paraprofessionals who keep the school district running, the WEAU wrote about Lane’s good deed on Facebook.

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“In our 2nd “official” year in the school, we really need to shout out our school staff.  This is one of our wonderful bus drivers, Miss Lane, holding the hand of a scared little one on his first day of school!” says the post.

Lane has brushed off the praise, claiming she was simply doing her job. Nonetheless, she hopes the good deed inspires other people to comfort someone who may need a shoulder to cry on.

“I think it kind of goes for anyone—if you see someone maybe struggling, just to do something as simple as reaching out a hand and showing that you are there,” Lane told WEAU. “You don’t have to say anything, but just to show someone you are there makes a big difference in someone’s day.”

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