Veteran Sells Whittling Sticks To Raise $16,000 For A Food Bank In Ohio

whittling sticks

Old age is that point in someone’s life when sitting down idly is never an option. And for a retired Air Force Colonel like John Hobson, it is enough to make him crazy. But Hobson has found something to spend time with- something so ingenious and yet unorthodox, that it would take a few moments to register. Currently, John Hobson has his eyes set on whittling sticks- and it is actually for a noble cause.


Why Did John Hobson Take Up Whittling Sticks?

His whittling sticks have raised almost $16,000 for a food pantry. When the entire world was reeling from the effects of coronavirus, Hobson decided to stop idling away, and actually make something out of this free time. The 93-year old then handcrafted close to 100 walking sticks. The proceeds earned from these walking sticks were then donated to the Xenia Area Fish Food Pantry- a local charity group in Ohio.

Mark Robson, John’s son, has spoken about how this retired Air Force Colonel is a true American- a man who actually cares when he sees suffering and scarcity around him. To raise $16,000, Hobson decided to put up a stand for his whittling sticks. Incredibly, the price was extremely less- $3, or a considerable pantry donation.

No wonder the first batch got sold pretty early- with a cash flow of about $600. But Hobson didn’t want to stop here. His family created a Go Fund Page for the charity- which has now raised up to $9,565 for the Fish Food Pantry. In total, the amount of donation received in Hobson’s name has gone above $16,000.

whittling sticks

Credits John Hobson

The Hobson Family Were Grateful At The Response They Generated

Jenny Deren, Hobson’s granddaughter, has expressed her gratitude towards the donors for their incredible gesture towards the community. She mentioned how the entire family had been touched by the act. According to reports, a single dollar would be enough to raise close to 5 pounds of food. So, in all probability, the Hobsons had raised almost 40 tons of food for the people in the Xenia community.

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Hobson’s Kentucky son is in charge of supplying the whittling sticks which John carves. The retired Colonel was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy way back in 1947. In fact, he was one of the earliest graduates to take a stand with the U. S Air Force. After serving more than two decades. he finally retired at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The very act of sitting idle seems very daunting for this 93-year old man. And this should come as no surprise that he had been busy the entirety of last year when everyone was indoors. Maintaining lockdown procedure, he had been helping his son with his garden, only to turn his focus towards whittling sticks.


John Hobson’s incredible gesture gained a massive social media following after Rob Hobson- one of his nephews- posted a picture of him. The picture had John Hobson with a sign on his hand, and whittling sticks beside him. The post was a testament to the zeal of an old man, who wouldn’t let age come in the way of giving something back to his community.

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Image Featured: John Hobson

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