Algae-Made Vegan Sneakers By Jason Momoa Gives Inspiration Towards Making Earth More Sustainable

Vegan Sneakers

Jason Momoa has recently launched an inspiring and brand new range of vegan sneakers that has two limited editions. These new kicks are intended to be part of the collaboration between Jason Momoa and So iLL which is a rising apparel brand of shoes. The collection was first introduced in the year 2019.

The Aquaman star has also announced that these new sneakers are part of the collection under the name of ‘On the Roam’ by So iLL. Momoa made a public announcement of his new kicks and the collaboration through a post on his Instagram handle where he wrote that these new sneakers are the ideal pair to roam around and make adventures.

He further added that every person should come together in this journey of a better and environment-friendly lifestyle and start the journey by trying these vegan sneakers.


Vegan Sneakers Range

The two range of sneakers includes the Yaya Lavender Roamers as well as the Unity Purple. The vegan sneakers have been made with materials like cork and organic cotton. In addition, Yaya Lavender Roamers and Unity Purple have an environmentally-friendly insole and outsole that is completely biodegradable.

They are biodegradable owing to the reason that the insole and outsole have been made from algae. These algae-made soles are the most striking and special feature of these vegan sneakers.


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The outsole of these limited range sneakers is extremely healthy and beneficial for our environment due to the reason that they help in the decreasing of the disintegration at the time when it reacts with the microbes present in the landfills. This has been informed by So iLL.

The algae are being provided by the company named BLOOM that transforms the algae blooms into a sustainable material that can be used efficiently. BLOOM mainly serves to offer their help and assistance in decreasing water pollution and maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

The algae blooms take place at the time when the algae grow at an exponential pace and go out of control. This stage can become harmful for our surrounding ecosystems due to the depletion of oxygen levels in the water bodies. Along with this, the algae bloom also prevents the sunlight from reaching marine species including plants and fishes.


Environment-Friendly Causes Of Jason Momoa

Vegan Sneakers

Credits Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa seems to have inspired the designs of both the vegan sneakers because they have been shaped according to the triangular pattern of his tattoos. He also appears to be dedicated to this cause of producing and promoting ecologically compatible products and is encouraging his fans, followers, and other people to join the movement as well.

This dedication is seen through the fact that Momoa had also launched his very own range of canned water named Mananalu. Additionally, his brand was built in order to reduce the number of plastics that are single-use in nature and later disposed of in the oceans. Furthermore, the water cans have been produced from recycled aluminum.

Apart from the vegan sneaker collection, the brand also features their signature Wino lifestyle show, climbing shoes, Kanaka sandal as well as chalk bags, outdoor bags, shirts, and masks. Just like the triangular-shaped sneakers that match the tattoos of Momoa, all these other products also have customized designs that act as callouts to his tattoos.

The other products just like the vegan sneakers are also sustainable in nature as they are 100% biodegradable and made from algae, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled plastic. Although Momoa does not lead a vegan life, he frequently promotes animal rights and also gave a talk on water inequality and ocean pollution at the UN in 2019.

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