Noah’s Ark Conservation Park Takes Up Initiative To Preserve Every Species On The Planet

Noahs Ark Conservation park

Conservation Parks is a protected area for recreational purposes. It helps conserve natural resources like plants, trees, fertility in the soil, or water. But the one we will speak about here is beyond any built before. 

Richard Prinsloo Curson is a British entrepreneur. And he is setting his sights on creating the most ambitious public project yet. Public means that the project will be funded by the crowd. And the aim is set higher. The entrepreneur looks to raise about 5 billion British Pounds for this conservation park. 

The idea, being called the ‘Noah’s Ark,’ will be a huge conservation park. His goal? Simply to let coexist every species that lives on this planet. The conservative plan is colossal. And it may just be the biggest such plan. 


Richard Prinsloo On His Conservation Park

The entrepreneur made a statement about his ambitious conservation park. To build this ginormous idea into reality, he co-founded the Noah’s Ark Foundation to help develop the conservation park. And he is one to recognize the climate crisis of our animal species. 


He said that the kingdom of the animals was now “in a crisis point.” He went on to list all the issues that have led us to this point. “Climate change,” he noted and listed more like “farming” and “overdevelopment.” He also added poaching as well as hunting of animals to the list.

He also further said that ocean plastic also contributed to “driving off” all these species from the planet’s face. He said that we, as a species, “owe it” to all of future generations. It is for the preservation of our “natural world.”

Documentary Of Noah’s Ark Conservation Park

Noahs Ark Conservation Park

Credits Noah’s Ark

Richard said that if the project is not conceived, it will endanger the human race too. That the future generations will need these animals. Otherwise, they will face the worst consequences of climate change. 

Along with the project, reportedly, there is a docu-series under production. Hence, it will all be filmed— from the very beginning to the very end. So the world could see the making of the most tech-savvy conservation park in the world. 

People could watch while the park builds. And they will raise money in front of the public. They will bring in animals for people to see the process. But there will be a lot more covered in these films. 

Mission Of Noah’s Ark Conservation Park 

Back in 2020 August, the construction of the park began. It was due to His Majesty’s help— Zulu’s King. The idea here is to create something new. And different. The theme would cover state-of-the-art. It would be an ecological and animal conservation park. 

The area of this park is estimated at 100 square kilometers. That amps up to 38 square miles. The location is the province of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. It is expected to span for about half a decade. The documentary is set to air on Globetrotter Television. It began airing in January this year. 


After being made, there are things to look out for at this conservation park. One of them is the world’s largest aquarium. Also, the largest geo domes will have artificial environments. It is said to reflect the rainforests in Amazon. Or even Antarctica. As well as a National Park. 

In a report back in 2018, the World Wildlife Fund gave a tally of species destruction. They said that about 60% of other animals are wiped out. But this spans from 1970 to 2018. And the name of this park is similar to the biblical one. 

WorldWild is another ambitious conservation project. It is a resort of zoology by a hotel designer. The hotel is known for caging humans. And letting animals roam freely.

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

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