Some Stores Stop Carrying Alpaca Products After Videos Show Brutal Conditions On Farms

Alpacas Farm PETA

By John Vibes / Truth Theory

A disturbing PETA investigation has revealed brutal conditions that alpacas are being held in at some of the world’s top alpaca farms.

The investigation showed that workers hit, kicked, tied down, and mutilated crying alpacas on a huge farm in Peru. In many cases, these animals were reportedly pregnant as well. The Mallkini alpaca farm near Muñani, Peru is the world’s largest privately-owned alpaca farm and it is quickly becoming the most controversial.

The farm is owned by the Michell Group, the world’s largest exporter of alpaca tops and yarn and a supplier of major brands, including Anthropologie.

The video below shows some of the abuse that these animals suffered at the hands of workers.

In the horrific videos, workers can be seen pulling alpacas off the floor and yanking them around by their tails. They can also be seen slamming pregnant alpacas onto tables and restraining them by the legs in a device that resembled a medieval torture rack.

Animal experts say that being restrained is extremely distressing for alpacas, who are prey animals and fear that they are about to be killed.

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“Alpacas … have an innate instinct to flee from danger and potential harm. Restraining them on their backs and sides would cause fear, panic, and severe psychological distress,“ one expert told PETA.

Photos show groups of the animals huddling together in fear as they watch their family members and friends be abused. Many of the animals are ultimately killed for their meat once they are no longer useful for their fleece.

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Luckily, the investigation has caused many brands to phase out the use of alpaca products, including ESPRIT, Marks & Spencer, and Smith & Caughey’s Gap Inc. H&M has also cut ties with the Michell group after the videos surfaced.

This is just one of many recent PETA investigations that have caused suppliers to change their business practices. Earlier this year, Truth Theory reported that Sephora stopped carrying mink fur eyelashes after a PETA investigation revealed terrible conditions at the world’s top mink farms.

Image credits: PETA

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