Two 103-Year-Old Women Have Recovered From Coronavirus


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A 103-year-old woman from China and a woman of the same age from Iran have joined several other centenarians in making a full recovery from the coronavirus.

Generally, older people and those people living with underlying health issues have been more susceptible to dying from the illness.

But providing hope that older folk are able to recover from the coronavirus has been a number of cases involving people in their 90’s and older.

In one reported incident earlier this month, Zhang Guangfen, 103, spent six days in hospital in Wuhan, before being discharged after fully recovering from the coronavirus.

It was stated that she did not have any underlying health issues.

In a more recent story, a 103-year-old Iranian woman also successfully recovered. The centenarian from the central city of Semnan in Iran spent a week in hospital before being discharged.

There was also a report of a 91-year-old man from Kerman, Iran, who overcame the coronavirus.

This was despite him having several underlying conditions including asthma and high blood pressure.

Globally, Iran has endured one of the most severe outbreaks of the coronavirus. As of 15H30 GMT time on Saturday afternoon, there were 20 610 confirmed cases and 1556 fatalities.

Optimistic signs coming out of China

China was where the coronavirus first surfaced and it remains the hardest-hit country in terms of confirmed cases. (Italy has had more deaths than China, despite having around half as many confirmed cases).

But in recent days in China, there have been claims of there being no new local cases.

In another extraordinary case two weeks ago, a 100-year-old Chinese man was successfully discharged from hospital after recovering from the coronavirus. He had underlying health problems including Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension and heart failure.

Meanwhile, certain restrictions have been eased in parts of China. For example, more public transport is running again in Beijing, while nightclubs and shops in Shanghai have been reopening.

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