Albino Sisters Born 12 Years Apart Are So Beautiful That People Are In Awe

Albino Sisterso

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Two albino sisters from Kazakhstan have surprised the world with their unique beauty. Born 12 years apart, they have defied the odds of probability. Albinism varies in the range of 1 in 3000 to 1 in 20,000 depending on one’s location. But these two sisters were born in the same Kazakh family!

Older sister Asel is 14 years old while the younger one, Kamila, is only 2 years old. Surprisingly, their brother Aldiya, who is eight, is not an albino and has a conventional Kazakh appearance.

albino sisters

albino sisters from kazakhstan

sister models

The mother of these albino sisters, Aiman Sarkitova, said how the native people are not much aware of albinos. So they were rather shocked when Asel was born. Even the doctors were surprised. According to Aiman, many people believed the biological father of the sisters was a Russian man, which resulted in their looks.

Aiman was herself quite bewildered with the looks of her firstborn. After some research, she learned that some of her ancestors were also albinos. The genes skipped a few generations till they manifested in these albino sisters.

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albino sisters asel and kamila

albino sisters from kazakhstan

albino sisters photoshoot kazakhstan asel kalaganova 16 5e27fc4a881fa 700

Albino Sisters Are Models Too

The elder of the albino sisters, Asel started her career as a model when she was just 10 years old. She already has nearly 70,000 followers on social media. But after her photo shoot with her younger sister, there is even more curiosity regarding them.

albino sisters asel and kamila

asel and kamila

albino sisters

The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation mentions that those who develop albinism have a fair complexion. Albinos need to avoid direct sunlight to protect their sensitive skin as well as their eyes. Asel is aware of these facts and takes the necessary precautions. She applies sunscreen, carries an umbrella, and wears appropriate clothing to shield her skin. She explained how it was easier to go out after the sun sets.


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albino sisters asel and kamila


Asel started her schooling in a special school meant for specially-abled children. In a few years, she was admitted to a regular school.

Her mother explained how difficult it was for young Asel to be in the midst of other curious children. They were fascinated by her skin tone, but it was not very pleasing for Asel. Soon she became more confident in her skin and now bravely embraces it!

albino sisters photoshoot kazakhstan asel kalaganova 5e280003b2e63 700 1

albino sisters photoshoot kazakhstan asel kalaganova 5e280005567a0 700

While the albino sisters are making their mark, mother Aiman claims her son is dark-skinned, which makes him “a real Kazakh.” Little Aldiyar did not have much questions for her elder sister, but after Kamila was born, he felt alienated. He asked questions like why he was not like his sisters. Once Aiman explained the concept to him, he was more than happy to accept his sisters. He proudly boasts about how unique his albino sisters are.

happy family

You can find more photos of Asel, Kamila, and the whole family here.

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