To Ensure Social Distancing This Pub Installed An Electric Fence At The Bar

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

To ensure that people maintain social distancing, a bar in Cornwall has planted electric fences around its premises. And this comes as a result of people not giving importance to social distancing rules and doing as they please. The bar at St Just, The Star Inn in, is the one that had to take such drastic measures amidst grumblings of the bar frequenters. 

It can’t be said that they haven’t already warned people about it- there is a notice. But there is also a fully electrically charged fence if you think the notice is a joke. And can we blame the pub owners for this? Sure, the step might be a bit extra, but they do have a point. It is to save both the bar frequenters and the staff. Johnny McFadden, the owner of this bar, did confirm the news. 

Johnny mentioned that this fence is in place simply because people refuse to follow protocol. And that can cause a huge disaster in a small establishment like this. Social distancing is the norm now, and anyone not following through is simply jeopardizing everyone else. 

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And the fence works! Some of the frequenters got shocked after they went carelessly through the fence. Johnny confided that though the fence is generally switched off, they only turn it on during heavy traffic hours. 

Hilariously, most people are of the idea that this rule for social distancing is the best they have seen in months. The Star Inn enjoys quite a reputation in Cornwall for being a true gem of an establishment. Maybe their unapologetic following of rules is what makes them the best.

Image credit: Kevin Travers


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