This Loving Pitbull Invited A Pregnant Stray Cat Into His House So She Could Have Her Babies

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Pitbulls have always had a rough life, as they are heavily prejudiced against. But Hades turned out to be a loving pitbull. He showed that what matters is what’s inside one’s heart. He showed that appearances don’t matter. 

Hades hails from Mexico, living with his owner Juan José P. Flores. As far as Flores can remember, his household was visited by a pregnant cat. He used to lovingly feed her with whatever he had. Now, everyone knows that dogs and cats have been considered to be mortal enemies. But not this time! Hades turned the other way round and started caring for the cat in his loving way.

Loving Pitbull Makes Way For An Expecting Cat

Flores recalls an incident a few days back when he noticed his loving pitbull create a racket. he thought he was simply trying to get attention. As he followed his dog out, he found that Hades had shared his doghouse with quite a familiar figure. 

Flores was naturally surprised at the almost humane act by his dog. He had given his home to her because she needed a place to stay and deliver her babies. And Hades had turned out to be the knight in shining armor.

But that isn’t all Hades did. After giving his home away, he decided to hang out to protect her. Placing a blanket at the foot of his doghouse, he waited as she gave birth to two cute little kittens. Needless to say, the cat was exceedingly happy that she had been able to deliver her babies in such a good place. Flores noted that his loving pitbull, too, couldn’t control his excitement. 

As it should, Flores has transported the cat and her kittens inside the house where they kept a close eye on her. And it seems Nicol (the cat) and Hades have developed a close bond. now, she always hangs around with him as soon as she is done looking after her kittens. 

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Flores said he will attempt to find loving homes for the kittens. As far as the mother is concerned, she will have a house with them. And Flores hopes that this will inspire people to understand Pitbulls a lot better. 

This loving pitbull is an example of kindness and compassion this breed is capable of.  

Image Credits: Juan José P Flores

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