This Texas Auto Shop Repairs Cars At No Cost For Woman With Money Troubles

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

One particular incident moved this former pastor from texas so much that he decided to help women however he could. While returning home on a rainy night, Pastor Williams noticed one woman from his congregation walking on a busy highway with her son. While giving them a ride, he learned how her car was in a repairing shop for many months as they could not pay for repairing. That is when he decided to open a free garage for the needy.

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This children’s pastor managed to raise money from campaigns and borrowings to open God’s Garage a few months after the incident. God’s Garage is a non-profit auto repair service which is focused to help out widows, single mothers, as well as the wives of the many deployed military personnel.


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The team at God’s Garage has, since its inception in 2012, repaired over 200 cars for free and also given away over 100 restored cars to needy women. While Williams’ garage is next to his house, and he has many volunteers, he admits that he hates working on cars himself!

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The garage works via volunteers who randomly show up to help.  The auto parts are usually donations from local businesses or bought with donated money. Harvey Yaw, one of the volunteers, mentions how great it feels when one mom is finally able to take her car home in good condition. Giving people a new opportunity with their repaired cars is well worth the time and effort of the many volunteers.

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On such recipient, Shelby Grimet, was more than overjoyed to receive a renovated 2004 Honda CRV from the Garage. This single mom’s life has since been a bit easier. Grimet now is employed in a children’s museum, thanks to the easy transportation and she mentions how God’s Garage has been empowering women in their own way.

One of the most moving donations for Williams was when he gave one single mother a large car as she had 3 children. One of the kids rejoiced how she could now go to school and even the doctor with her mother, thanks to the large and free car. Williams looks forward to helping more such women in the future.

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