KFC Launches First Plant-Based “Fried Chicken” Partnering With Beyond Meat

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

KFC is the latest food chain to join the bandwagon of meatless meat. On August 26th, this fast-food chain announced its plans of launching ‘Beyond Fried Chicken’ with the help of Beyond Meat. This effort of using plant-based “chicken” has been launched at only one KFC outlet in Atlanta for the time being. Only if they get a positive response from the customers, will they consider testing in other locations?

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In May, KFC’s US business president Kevin Hochman had said that the company was in talks with companies dealing in plant-based “meat”. This is due to the growing demand for alternative meat in the food industry now.  He admits that even 6 months back, they would not consider such an option but when the customers demand, companies must supply.

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While Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are garnering a lot of attention, their longevity is yet to be tested. Hochman agrees that if this new substitute holds its ground, KFC will be ready to launch it nationwide. A vegetarian fried “chicken” is already in the testing period in various outlets in the UK.

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Not only KFC, but Beyond Meat is also collaborating with Subway, Del Taco, and Dunkin’ chains. Beyond Meat’s CEO E. Brown says that while the super-rich has access to alternative meat, Beyond Meat is more interested in bringing the revolution to the plates of the common man.


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