This Sloth Was Trapped On The Highway But Police Came To Rescue


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A sloth, when terrified, will go back to its baser instincts. And this is exactly what the Ecuadorian traffic police came across. On this eventful day in 2016, individuals saw the traffic police of Ecuador saving this tree-hugging animal- that had clung to a highway guardrail. According to media reports, the poor guy was trying to get into the city of Quevedo.

But being so far away from its natural habitat, it was quite scared. Precisely why it grabbed onto the guardrail for deal life. And until the traffic police came to rescue it, it had held on to the guardrail at the Comision de Transito del Ecuador. 

The Sloth Forgot That It Wasn’t In A Movie Set

A spokesperson for the transit commission also claimed that the sloth was trying really hard to cross the road when it was discovered. On the Facebook page of the police station, officials mentioned that the animal was then evaluated by the vets.


After that, it was safely released into the wild. We all know that these animals are among the slowest animals in the world. In fact, they are so slow that they have algae growing on them. If we were to equate these two sentences, then a sloth crossing the road probably wouldn’t be the best option. 


But can we really blame the sloth? After all, it had decided to venture out only because its home was being destroyed by humans. They are perfectly content to live their lazy lives in treetops. But rapid deforestation has been making it difficult for them. 


The sloth will see some popularity though. Due to them being featured in the latest sequel of Zootopia, these slow animals have gotten into mainstream pop culture. Given the sloth’s penchant for trees, we can be assured that it wouldn’t be moving out of its habitat any further.

All Image Credits: Ecuadorian Transit Authorities

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