Woman Claims That Coors Successfully Injected Advertisements Into Her Dreams

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Here is something for the future- advertisements that are promoted in our dreams. This could be something most corporations would be looking for and maybe the future would bring this out to us. According to a report published by The Hustle, one individual stated that she had taken part in an experiment that closely resembled this. The experiment was conducted by Coors that allegedly infiltrated her dreams successfully. She soon started having dreams of domestic brewery ads.

Where did it all begin? Bobbi Gould, a travel writer, mentioned that back in 2021, she had responded to quite a bizarre ad on Craiglist. The advertisement claimed that a big company was paying a sum of $1,000 for willing sleepers. Not thinking that this could be a scam, the writer and her boyfriend responded to the ad. After this, they were directed to a warehouse in suburban Los Angeles, where around 12 volunteers were hooked up. A brain monitoring equipment was also attached to them- which was maintained by marketers from Molson Coors. 

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The other subjects- which included Gould and her boyfriend- were then asked to watch a video that had advertisements for several Coors products. To create an aura of aesthetics, there were waterfalls and jungle landscapes added to the vision. The subjects were then asked to doze off while they were listening to the audio. The next eight hours saw the subjects having a bunch of weird Coors dreams. 


Speaking to the Hustle, Gould mentioned that she had one such dream where she was on a pogo stick surrounded by Coors products. In another dream advertisement, she was on a plane, dropping cans on people. After they were done with their nap, they had to talk about it. Sitting as a focus group, they would then be discussing their experiences. Gould stated that this made her feel like a lab rat. She further told the blog that they were trying to implant the product in their brains. And despite the surreal advertisements- it just didn’t feel right. 

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Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that Coors has tried something like this. Back in 2021, Coors- along with Burger King and Xbox, had been in a collaboration with scientists. According to Science Magazin, they were looking to engineer advertisements using video and audio. The surreal part amongst these- they would try to inject into the dreams of their volunteers. 

The magazine also reported that close to 40 dream researchers had initially signed an open letter against this involvement. They wanted some form of regulation regarding the burgeoning ‘targeted dream incubation’ experiment. The main concern of the dream researchers is quite poignant. Currently, the advertisements were getting injected into the minds of willing volunteers. 

But there could be a tike in the future when smart speakers would become instruments of passive advertising. With around 40 million Americans having such a device in their houses- they could easily be beguiled by multinational companies through such methods. 

In their open letter, the researchers wrote that the soundtracks could become background scenery. This would then condition the mind of an average American when they sleep. While one could ignore the unending billboards that litter American highways with advertisements, this wouldn’t be that. As it stands, it wouldn’t be an easy job trying to ignore the soothing melody in one’s head. Considering the experience of Gould, such a future could be imminent.

Image credit: Rob Nguyen (Flickr)

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