This Simple Chinese Exercise Will Help You With Digestion And Stomach Pain

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By Mike Sygula,

This is another small hack I learned from practicing Chi Kung years ago. It is amazing, you can use it when you are in bed, and you feel cold, or if you have a stomach pain. It works, trust me, you might try it for a few minutes or a couple of times before you start seeing a real difference though. If you want to warm up your body, you want to increase digestion or you want to remove pain from the stomach. You can sit or lay in bed, and then you place your palms below the belly button and you breath deeply. You have two options; you either place your right palm on the belly, and the left on top of the right one like the image below: (remember, below the belly button)

The second option is to clasp your fingers together, and place your hands under your belly button, this is where the sacral chakra is located (the orange one). Your palms are very powerful energy channels, as well as your main chakras, and by placing your palms on your chakra you energize it. Do this exercise as long as you feel is necessary, to get the effect you want, either by heating your body up or removing pain from the stomach. I do it for a few minutes sometimes when I need it. Disclaimer: I’m not a medical doctor so any health related issues you should consult with your doctor.

If you are interested in meditation and breathing techniques. I have something you might find useful. I started practicing Soma breathing techniques lately and they seem very promising. Soma is a system based on the traditional yogic practices before they were altered by modern day practitioners of yoga, from which this new field of breathwork has emerged. My good friend, Niraj Naik also known as ‘The Renegade Pharmacist’ who hosts Wim Hof’s events in different countries, has developed this practice. Soma is a multisensory meditation experience that can awaken dormant parts of your brain, improve circulation, promote healing, transmute sexual life force energy and help to manifest your intentions taking your meditation practice to the next level

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