Americans Were Asked To Find North Korea On A Map, And The Result Is Cringe-Worthy

north korea

By Amanda Froelich

The tension between North Korea and the United States may have lessened as a result of US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting,  but tensions between the two countries remain high. According to a poll conducted earlier this year, the majority of the American populace supports going to war with the Asian nation. As frightening as this may be, it’s even more concerning that the majority of US residents have no clue where North Korea actually is on a map.

The laughable discovery was made when Jimmy Kimmel and his team visited Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, and asked passersby to locate North Korea on a map.  Many citizens were upfront about their lack of geographic knowledge but guessed anyway. Their estimates ranged from Canada to the Middle East to Australia. Only the minority actually knew where North Korea is located.

If this made you gulp, watch the video below:

The United States of America very well may be the most war-hungry country on the planet. This is likely a result of the populace being sold the idea of “nationalism.” In turn, the populace defends political boundaries and its government’s ideologies with blind faith.

It’s a dangerous path for the American people to walk. Hopefully, this video featuring Jimmy Kimmel and countless other Americans will inspire the masses to re-think why they believe and behave the way they do. In order for change to take place, each person must question his/her convictions and make the bold decision to live and act in alignment with the truth.

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