This Seven-Year-Old Organized A Personal Prom For His Babysitter After Hers Got Cancelled

Personal prom

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Well, there’s no age and height limits to doing a good deed! Curtis Rogers, a seven-year-old from North Carolina, brought smiles to millions as he went viral for planning a personal prom for his babysitter. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought havoc to all sectors of our life. With lockdowns, academia has suffered hard. Many students have lost months of their studies. But for the high school seniors, there is an added bit of sadness. They will be the first senior batch in many schools who won’t be able to attend their much-awaited for prom. 

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Personal prom

Thankfully for people (or should I say kids) like Curtis Rogers and his parents, some seniors are still feeling the happiness of a personal prom! 

Surely, prom without friends feels like a sad affair. But it’s the thought and care that went into organizing the personal prom that has won every one. And the cherry on top is that Rachel and Curtis were most definitely the prom queen and king. 

Personal Prom Goes Viral!

Personal prom

According to ABC11, the seven-year-old kid had not seen his babysitter in over two months. And when he heard that her prom got canceled, determined to cheer her up, he planned a personal prom. Rachel talked about the evening event and said that Roger was an absolute gentleman. He waited for her outside and led her to the backyard while maintaining social distance. The seven-year-old even had all her favorite snacks aesthetically arranged. Some of us really need to learn some kindness from this young boy, or at least learn how to throw a personal prom. 

Rachel’s mother, Becky Chapman, documented the event and later posted the pictures on her Twitter handle. The pictures went viral after that. The post currently has over 66.6k likes, and has been retweeted over 9.5k times!

Roger’s mom, Elissa, said that Roger planned all the details of the personal prom. He even chose his own suit and bow tie! She further explained that Rachel had become a part of their family and the bond between her and Roger was really special. She also added that Roger considers Rachel one of the best people he has ever met. The best nanny award definitely goes to Rachel this year!

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Rachel put on her gown, which she was originally going to wear to her high school prom. She said that putting the dress on saddened her a bit in the beginning as it reminded her of the lost prom. But she was soon re-energized by the cute little seven-year-old in a suit and a bow tie. 

The personal prom was a beautiful event that followed social distancing rules. This is not the only prom that was celebrated in these distressing times of COVID-19. Many have taken their proms and even graduation online. This sure is an interesting time to live through. 

As students graduate virtually and celebrate their proms without a dance, let’s remember to follow all the safety measures so that we can get back to normal soon. 

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Photo Credits: Becky Chapman

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