This Scuba Diving Group Makes Face Masks Out Of Recycled Ocean Plastics

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Due to a dearth of face masks, many people have been compelled to step outside in snorkeling masks. In these trying times, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors has come forward to rescue the ocean and help out people at the same time. They have decided to transform plastic bottles collected from the ocean into face masks, according to a report by CNN.

PADI came forward with the idea of creating the masks. They worked in collaboration with a company selling eco-friendly active-wear known as Rash’R.

The mask has been made in such a way that one size will easily fit most adults, reveals Scuba Diving. The masks come in 5 different patterns, have a double layer, and can be washed in the machine. Every mask package includes 5 filters, carbon-activated and reusable. Each one lasts for approximately 8 hours. These filters can be bought from numerous online retailers. PADI is yet to sell them, although it will, very soon.

Each mask including the 5 filters costs $20.40, reveals CNN.

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According to a report by Scuba Diving, PADI has revealed that it is making no profits and is selling the masks at manufacturing cost. Their primary intention is for ocean lovers to take care of their well-being as well as that of the ocean.

There has been an overwhelming demand for these masks. However, they are, for now, solely available for pre-order. A smaller version of the mask is also available for kids of 4-10 years. 

So far over 15,000 pre-orders have been received by PADI. The first shipment will begin this week, as soon as the masks reach the warehouses. 

Lisa Nicklin, PADI Worldwide’s vice president of consumer marketing, confessed to CNN about completely underestimating the popularity of the masks. The consumers, she believes, loved the idea of doing their part for the ocean.

She further disclosed that 1,267 pounds of plastic have been reused and removed from the ocean thanks to the current pre-orders.

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Other companies have also decided to take a similar step ahead. Float Digital, a UK based online marketing firm, used a 3D printer to create masks out of recycled plastic for health-care workers

Precious Plastic has also designed a template for creating masks from recycled plastic, reports Euronews

In Uganda, a Ph.D. candidate has come up with an ingenious way of making face masks out recycled plastic for health-care professionals. She was featured by The Berkeley News. Uganda, like many other countries, is facing a severe shortage of PPE.

Paige Balcom explained to The Berkeley News that their hospitals are severely under-equipped. There aren’t adequate face masks or similar protective shields for the hospital staff. The handmade ones cost 80 cents while the machine-made ones, 25 cents. 

This sustainable means of meeting the consumers’ demands is paving the path which we must follow post-pandemic.

Image Credit: Padi Gear 

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