Customer Leaves Entire $1,200 Stimulus Check As A Tip For All The Staff At A Family-Owned Restaurant 

Arkansas steakhouse tipper

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Amidst the downfall the small businesses have been facing due to lockdown restrictions, an Arkansas steakhouse received a heavy tip of $1200 from a customer to combat the ongoing pandemic. The tip left by the customer was the entire amount received by her as the stimulus check from the federal government.

One of the worst-affected sectors is the small businesses that are closed down, and are struggling to arrange funds to make their business thrive.

Despite struggling to continue business during the coronavirus scare, the Arkansas steakhouse kept serving their customers.

Located at Pine Bluff, this colonial steakhouse restaurant offered curbside pickup for their customers. The restaurant has been operating with only four employees. It offered curbside pick-up services for three days in a week.

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As small businesses struggle to make ends meet, the Arkansas steakhouse came across a generous tipper. A regular customer of the restaurant left a surprise in the form of a massive tip which left all the employees awestruck.

Alison Hall, the manager of the Colonial steakhouse spoke to KARK News. She said, “We just started crying and thanking God because it came at a time that most of our staff really needed it.” 

In the video released by KARK news, Allison said, “Things have been barely getting by, we are making it through.”

Allison is the general manager of the Colonial Arkansas steakhouse, which is owned by her parents.

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Dana Gateley, owner of the steakhouse spoke about the customer who had left the tip. She said, “She was sobbing and saying it was their whole stimulus.” 

Filled with gratitude, she said that the tip was enough for all employees. Even those who are not working will receive their share from the tip amount. A $100 can be managed for all employees of the restaurant.

As restaurants are permitted to offer only curbside pickup services, the Arkansas restaurant had to cut down its staff from 12 to 4.

“We have been open for a very long time, nearly 50 years. We are stubborn. We are not giving up.” Allison said.

Alison further said that although the restaurant has been witnessing a rough time, they are ready to reopen in a suitable time.

Image credit: KARK 4 News

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