This Photographer Captured An Incredible “Horizontal Rainbow” Filling The Sky With Colors

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

There is no denying that Nature is magnificent. What’s more of a surprise is that Nature is still able to hide its magnificent beauty from us often. At times, it reveals its magnificence to us and this beauty of Nature can often take our breath away. That’s why even now artists are allured by Nature and draw paintings of Nature. Photographers also try their best to capture the beauty of nature in their lens. Cessna Kutz had an amazing opportunity to capture such a sign of rainbows over Lake Sammamish in Washington State. It has been called the Horizontal Rainbow as the horizontals bands of multiple colors spread out across the width of that lake.

It might appear like a rainbow, but as per meteorologists, it may not be so. Courtney Obergfell is of the opinion that is a circumhorizontal arc. A circumhorizontal arc is an optical illusion which takes place when ice halos develop due to the refraction of the sun rays in the ice crystals present in our atmosphere. The Horizontal Rainbow is also called fire rainbow and it can form many bands of color which can be seen just below the sun.

Horizontal Rainbow

Kutz doesn’t mind if the sight does not turn out to be a Horizontal Rainbow. It is still quite magical. Like everyone, she is quite affected by the current condition of the world. However, this sight made her feel like the world was truly beautiful. That there was still hope and peace spread out all over it. 

Kutz knew that she can’t be selfish and keep this wonderful emotion to herself. She had to share it with the world. So, she shared it on Facebook. The photograph is zoomed-in on the colorful sky with the hopeful bands streaking all through it – the message of the Horizontal Rainbow is clear – do not worry – hope remains. 

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Kutz never knew that her photo would go viral and end up in the news. She just wanted to share a beatiful moment. She loves photography and she wants to thank God that her photo was able to make the lives of many people better. It has given her photography business a well-deserved boost but Kutz is more satisfied that it has touched the lives of many people.

The Horizontal Rainbow just shows us how magical nature can be if we only allow it to reveal its magnificence. And it encourages us to Hope for the better, even during these trying times.

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