This Chinese Millionaire Went Broke To Build A Shelter To Save Thousands Of Dogs From The Slaughterhouse


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Wang Yan, a steel manufacturer has gone broke three years after buying and turning a dog slaughterhouse into a rescue shelter.

Wang Yan came across this slaughterhouse in 2012 when he was in search of his missing dog. As per his friend’s suggestion, he had visited the slaughterhouse to look for his dog and was overwhelmed to see the torture meted out to the dogs there.

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Although Yan couldn’t find his pet there, he stayed close by and observed how the dogs were mistreated and killings were rampant.

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Immediately, Yan bought the slaughterhouse and turned it into a dog shelter. He spent 3 million Yuan (USD 470,186) to turn it into a shelter house. As per the China News Service, he saved 2,000 dogs over three years which has eventually left him bankrupt.

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Reportedly, the slaughterhouse was home to 1,000 dogs at some point.

The story has come at a time when China has been receiving flak from the citizens of the country for its Yulin Dog Meat Festival. A Slaughter of 10,000 dogs took place in the meat festival.

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The Dog Meat Festival drew criticism from all over. Citizens of the country and Hollywood celebrities protested against the barbaric festival. They raised concerns about whether such a festival should at all be held or is it even worse than pigs and cows dying every day.

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At present, there are 200 dogs in the shelter house. After three years of service, Yan is now in debt. Yan who was once a millionaire has gone broke. 

Yan refuses to accept a monetary donation. However, if anybody wants to come forward and help, he may do so by offering supplies needed for the rescue home. He has also urged people to come forward and adopt them.

Image Credit: CEN

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