This Octopus Changes Color When It Sleeps Marine Biologist Thinks Its Dreaming


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The colors and contents of our dreams change with the state of our mind. But have you heard of any octopus which changes colors as it dreams? This clip, taken from Octopus: Making Contact, a PBS documentary shows an octopus changing colors rapidly as she apparently dreams lying upside down in the water.

Dr. David Scheel, a marine biologist has a humorous take on the content of the octopuses’ dreams as it nods off in its well-lit aquarium. He tried to interpret it according to the changing colors and patterns of her camouflage.

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They say it takes a lot of courage to show the colors of your dreams to someone else. But this octopus doesn’t seem to mind the revelations of her secrets. It was something that the marine biologist had never before witnessed. In his words, it was to him a ‘dramatic moment’. It is as if we could effectively describe the body changes and interpret the dreams

Her color can be seen changing from a pearly white complexion to a darker shade as if she seems to be stalking a crab. Then her color changes completely as if she had just neutralized a crab and was going to eat it as it sat there.

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