This Lavish Hotel in Portugal Also Doubles As A Library With 50,000 Books


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

If you have a tough time deciding which books to pack when you go on holiday, we’ve found your dream getaway. In the medieval village of Obidos, in Portugal, there is an extravagant hotel that also doubles as a library. The Literary Man has over 50,000 books, as well as luxurious rooms in which you can read them.

The Literary Man was founded in 2015, yet has already become a world-famous dream getaway. The hotel’s collection of literary works is constantly growing, and many are written in English.

Each room contains more books than you could read in a year-long stay. Get comfy with a new title in The Literary Man’s massive lounge, or read in silence in one of the 30 bedrooms. According to the HuffPost, the 50,000 literally works cover a variety of genres — from romance and science fiction to poetry and cookbooks.

In case you fall in love with a special book while visiting, you can always purchase it and take it home. Just be sure to budget for the title; some of the really old, rare books are priced as high as $550.

The hotel says that rather than purchase books, most guests prefer to leave books that they love. A representative of The Literary Man explained, “Our guests love to bring their own books to add to our collections, and the ones that don’t have books with them usually send them later in form of a donation.” The hotel’s book collection is reportedly growing so fast, it will soon reach 100,000!

While The Literary Man is not the first book-centric hotel in the world, it certainly is unique. A similar hotel exists in New York; it’s called the Library Hotel and it is home to 6,000 books. In Portland, Oregon, visitors have access to 3,000 books at The Nines. And, in Tokyo, Japan, book lovers can stay at the Book and Bed hotel.

Ready to travel? A one-night stay costs $90.

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