This Is Why Dogs Love Sticking Their Head Out Of A Car Window

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

How many times have we seen an utterly gorgeous dog sticking his head out of a car window and enjoying the wind on his face? Countless times, I guess. Well, dogs do love to take a good whiff of the environment around them. And being in closed quarters do tend to cramp them up. Yet, the real reason why they do it is that they absolutely love engaging their scent receptors. They go in overdrive as they are passing through an absolute medley of senses. This seems quite interesting when you put it in the context that a dog has over 300 million scent receptors, while humans have just 6 million. So, let your damn dog stick his head out and sniff the world, would you? Don’t worry because they are simply sniffing food, not new owners.

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Hungry dog in your car?

It has been mentioned in a few articles that the reason why dogs sniff out food is that their brains are 40 times more wired towards food. Even the slightest bit of aldehyde in their blood can make their mouth water with the delicious possibilities of food. There have been a few photographs involved in the process of making a visual out of what really happens when a dog sniffs something he thinks is food. Interestingly, the odors in the items create ripples in the air currents, which the dog is able to distinctly capture with his sharp nose. 

A dog breathes through the slits in their nose, and in doing so they allow more scent to pass in. It is due to the air being rotated after it has been expelled out of the nose, which results in a two-way air current- one bringing in scents, the other dispelling the air inside. But this isn’t all the noses are capable of. 

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Food is not the only reason a dog sticks his head out the car window

A dog’s nose is also his Tinder. It can smell when a female dog is in heat and is ready to mate. The male dog not only sniffs her out but also licks his nose to get a much detailed scent. This he can then transfer onto the secondary scent receptor in his tongue. This sexual organ sends the messages to the brain, which puts it through to the sex pheromones.

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Tragically, not every journey promised with sexual freedom ends up putting value on its words. Even though a dog might not want anything better than to traverse the world with his owner, taking in all the scents that the world around him has to offer, pet dogs seldom get to choose who they mate with. The tragedy is even more poignant when we think of it. Imagine two love-struck dogs (love at first sniff), smelling each other among the many busy streets of Paris, or London. But they will never be able to do more than just stick their heads out of the car window. 

Tragedy, indeed.


Image Credit: christingasner

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