This Hero Dog Gave Her Own Life To Protect A Sleeping Toddler From A Cobra


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero. And when they happen to be animals, the love and respect that one feels get doubled. And these faithful canines were as courageous as they come when they fought a grim battle for this little child.

They were ordinary dogs who showed extraordinary courage. They died unceremoniously, and perhaps unnoticed by the majority. But here they succeeded and they also sacrificed. And to that family in whose life they made such a huge difference, they will forever remain heroes.

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These two heroic dogs, Miley and Moxie, protected a sleeping toddler from a deadly cobra as it tried to enter the house. They succeeded but one lost his life while the other was blinded.

Dogs rescue toddler from cobra 2

As Skye, aged one slept in her room in the city of Kidapawan in the Philippines, she was blissfully unaware of the drama taking place outside. It would all have been a matter of pure conjecture had it not been picked up by the cameras installed outside their home which captured a tale of selfless heroism and presence of mind.

Dog Cobra 1

The two dogs launched a concerted attack on the cobra with the older Miley, aged four being the more aggressive of the two. The young Moxie, the white Dachshund, first spied the cobra closing in on the child’s room and confronts it. Miley then comes rushing in.

Video: Viral Press

It is apparent that alone neither would have succeeded in stopping the snake from entering the child’s room. They kept dragging the snake away from the room and simultaneously kept up the attack to finally kill it. It is pertinent to remember that Miley was bitten at some point but held out till the end. The same holds for Moxie.

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Moxie’s blindness points to another deadly fact. The snake is certainly the Northern Philippine Cobra (Naja Phillipinensis), a highly venomous spitting cobra which targets the eye of its victim and squirts a thin stream of venom from a distance.

Dog dies saving toddler 2

The child’s father was shocked after watching the footage and overwhelmed at the sacrifice of the dogs. It was an unbelievable act of courage and sacrifice by the two young dogs that persevered until the end. All guarding angels are not mythical creatures with wings. They can be a member of the immediate family, and Miley and Moxie are as much family to baby Skye as anyone else.

Images: Viral Press


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