Pregnant Dog Shot 17 Times Then Became A Therapy Dog


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

This is one canine that has lived a dog’s life, survived, and still dares to continue. This miracle dog has turned all odds on its head to become a registered therapy dog and also an internet star. Maggie was rescued from the streets of Lebanon with 17 bullet injuries, a broken jaw and her right ear hacked off. This five-year pooch was pregnant at the time she was discovered, tied cruelly.


Hope Floats

The world seems at times a hard and sinister place, but there are times when we come across signs of great strength and it is then we start to believe that there is more good in it than bad.

 What started as a series of unfortunate events was in fact, the first step of a long journey to redemption and stardom for Maggie. She had it in her. All she needed was a little help.


This little help came in the form of Wild At Heart Foundation, an animal charity which rescued her and when word got out, she was adopted by Kasey, from Brighton, who took her home to a better life.

 A chain of events and people conspired to turn Maggie’s horrific experience in Lebanon and give her a fresh lease of life. Getting Maggie outside Lebanon wasn’t easy. After six months of suspense, the wait finally ended for her when a sustained campaign finally led to her finding shelter in Sussex in England.

A Life Well Lived

Being a therapy dog isn’t easy. Maggie had to overcome her handicap and qualify after a rigorous round of exams. She sailed through her tests. A proud Kasey took to social media to share her story.


Maggie has an online fan base of more than 80,000 on her page aptly named ‘Maggie the Wunderdog.’ As a registered therapy canine with @underdog_international, she has made it her life’s mission to visit hospitals, universities and care homes to tell their story and spread a message. She and Kasey speak at schools and care homes and work firsthand with students and youngsters. They want to leave the past behind. She still suffers from the wounds she picked up but wants to lead a normal life. 

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Maggie exudes the enthusiasm and energy of a puppy but is disciplined enough to walk off the leash. Her loving nature never lets you suspect her horrendous past. She is gentle around children and wants to make the most of the rest of her life. It seems as though she doesn’t want others to go through what she had experienced. And she deserves her time in the sun.


Images: Instagram/Maggie the Wunderdog

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