This Guy Bought A Stolen Bike Worth $1,760 For $104 Just To Return It To Its Owner


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Ste Burke bought a stolen bike only to give it back to its owner. The stolen bike’s market price is over £1,350 and Ste bought it from the thieves for only £80. Three men approached him, asking if he wants to buy the bike.

Ste said that when he saw those 3 men walking towards him with the bike, he figured out that something was wrong. This happened when he was coming back home after gyming and was taking his bag out of the car. He said that as soon as he saw the lock on the bike’s back wheel, he knew that it was a stolen bike. One of the thieves offered him the bike for $130 (£100). Ste, in turn, said that he would buy the bike for $104 (£80). The man agreed and sold it to Ste.

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Ste first bought the stolen bike and then went out of his way to see that it gets back to its owner. He posted the bike’s picture on Twitter saying that he knows it’s an expensive bike and whoever has lost it must be very sad.  He knew that the bike must not have come far away from its home because it was still locked and the men had to carry it.

The post was gathering attention and soon a lady contacted Ste saying that she knows the bike’s original owner. After some time the owner met Ste with the key and the required papers for his bike. He also had a bill for the bike.

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The man was grateful to Ste for returning his bike. He said how it meant a lot to him because he had been burgled recently.

Halfords contacted Ste and have offered him one of their bikes for free. However, the man who bought the stolen bike says that he did not do it to get anything for free. Ste said that Halfords is being very generous in offering him another bike. He added that he bought the stolen bike only because he knew that someone had shelled out quite a lot of money for it.

There are very few people like Ste who are kind enough to do something like this. He bought the stolen bike even when he could’ve just let it pass. He then made sure that it got to its rightful owner. We need more such kind and generous people in the world to make it a better place.

Image: @SteBurke44

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