Mexico City Began The Decade By Banning Single-Use Plastic Bags


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Most people, after finding out how unhealthy they have become, choose a fitness plan as their New Year Resolution. Only the Mexican government took it a step further. After seeing 68,000 tons of non-degradable waste being released every year, the Mexican government decided to initiate a plastic ban on single-use plastic to cut back on the waste generation.

“We have to take plastic out of circulation,” said Andree Lilian Guigue, the official in charge of overseeing the ban in Mexico City. “Plastic and other waste products that damage the planet end up in the ravines, woods and public spaces of the city – and nobody cleans it up.”

Plastic bag manufacturers are understandably displeased about this out-of-the-blue decision to ban plastic by the government. So are a number of consumers as the fines range from $2200 to $9000. It is bothersome to them that the government would take such drastic measures without properly investing in the alternatives.

Surprisingly, even scientists have issues with the plastic ban. Environmental scientist, Pablo Hurtado said that “this is a political decision.” He mentioned that the government should have consulted the experts before trying to do what other countries are doing simply because Mexico lacks the infrastructure to implement such large scale eviction of plastic from their lives.

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The police, however, welcome this decision and understand that with the current environmental conditions this is what they have to do. They would ensure that the existing alternative measures of using baskets, cloth bags, straws, and papers enter the mainstream again.

“We have a very rich history in ways to wrap things. We are finding that people are returning to baskets, to cucuruchos, referring to cone-shaped rolls of paper once used to wrap loose bulk goods like nuts, chips or seeds,” said Claudia Hernández, City’s Director of Environmental Awareness.

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It would inconvenience people at first because they would forget to bring their bags from home and would have nothing to carry their purchases in. But it would not be long before the shop owners start giving out alternative carry bags for a minimal rate.

The price of carry-bags would either encourage the customers to carry their bags from home or pay for the manufacturing of reusable bags.

People around the world applauded the Mexican government for choosing to do what is right rather than please others. With the entire planet choking on plastics, all the countries of the world should look up to Mexico for its initiative. Saving the environment is the need of the hour and the Mexican government has already started contributing to the environmental revolution.

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