This Genius Architect Designed A Modern House Inside A Giant Ancient Rock


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Ever wondered what would it be like to live IN a rock? Well, architectural genius, Amey Kandalgaonkar, has decided to recreate the Mada’in Salah rock tombs in Saudi Arabia. Shocked and intrigued at the same time?

The design fits together almost like the famous Chinese puzzle box, and the aerial view of this architecture will eject heavy sighs from you, for sure. It is only when we look down and at the behemoth rock that we realize the complex structure.

rock house concept amey kandalgaonkar 1


Kandalgaonkar is an expert in 3D concepts, and for this project, he spent hours researching and studying the giant rock. Instead of cutting pieces of the stone to make way for his House Inside The Rock, he constructed it around it. To put it simply, his structure adapts to the rock like lichen.

The Shanghai-based architect talks about how his inspiration was the rock tomb in Saudi Arabia, and how instead of cutting through it, he wanted to build a tomb around it. For this, he also had to sculpt the very rock on 3D software, after which he placed the house in it. His idea was for the structure to completely bloom only when seen from a height. The impact from a normal eye level wasn’t made to be that fancy, but the view from the height was worth the painstaking process.

This complex architectural wonder is a perfect example of an old/new juxtaposition. The old rock put together with modern material and design, it seamlessly complements each other. The rough rock and the smooth concrete together make for a visual scene. It might be improbable to recreate it in a real-life setting, but it does make us wonder about how important the value of ‘art’ is in architecture.

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