You Can Build This Guesthouse “Kit” In You Backyard In Only 8 Hours 


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

It’s a DIY-er’s dream. A minimalist house, a supposedly ‘garden house’ which can be transformed into a pool house, studio, guest house and anything that you truly desire. That’s the house that Allwood brings to you – something that you can assemble just like any IKEA product. It is estimated that when you and a friend build it you can build your dream home within 8 hours!


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The company does not leave any stones unturned. It comes with high-quality Nordic wood. At first, the house will present itself with the classic log cabin style. There’s a reason it’s a classic – it fits any environment that you put it into. Now, the versatility of this product is that you can transform it into anything you want – home office, retail space, guest house or a granny flat.

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While it might look small at first, you can use your innovative mind and convert it into two stories or more. Very few tools would be required to build this ‘home’. Plus, the step-by-step guide provided to you will help you immensely.

You get a total floor area of about 16 square meters or 172 square feet which are quite enough for a couple. It weighs around 1125 kilos or 2480 pounds approximately.

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While it’s not currently available on Amazon, you can get this product on the official website of Allwood . With free shipping, it will cost you around $6,550. It’s a compact package and will give you everything excluding certain items like foundation materials and roof shingles. As per estimates made by Allwood, it will cost around $170 and $150 respectively for them. It does not come with a bathroom but you can always go to Allwood and get your bathroom products from there. They have loads of DIY bathroom kits.



For electricity and HVAC, you got to figure out how you are going to integrate that in the house.


People are just loving this concept. Some even claim how it takes them 8 hours to assemble an IKEA bookshelf. No wonder, this is going to be a major hit. Here are some reviews:


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