This Football Club Donated 3,000 Parcels Of Food To The Homeless After Their Match Was Canceled

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory
If you are a fan of football, you must know the team, Nottingham Forest. While they may not be as popular as Manchester United, Liverpool or Chelsea, but this football team packs quite a punch. But this October, this famous football team did something out of the football field. Fans rejoiced in their action and have found a great moment to cherish about this football club.


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Nottingham Forest had a match with Reading FC. However, the match needed to be postponed. While football can be played during the rain, heavy rains left the City Ground pitch in an unplayable condition. The audience had not arrived or the ones who arrived had left. So, it was clear that all the sandwiches and pies that were kept in the food stalls would go to waste for the day. It would be a great loss. 

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Generally, when the rain stops a game from happening, we are not too concerned about these losses. Our emotional side generally focuses on the loss of the match, rather than getting concerned about all the efforts and the arrangements made surrounding it.  But Nottingham Forest is not such a club that will oversee such a major waste. The club decided that they should donate all this food to Framework. Framework is a charity for the homeless based in Nottingham.

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The best part – this is not their first time. It’s the second time that they are doing something like this. 

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Fans were overjoyed by this move. They loved that their favorite club was not only concerned about what happens on the pitch but also about what happens outside. Their duty to society has not left them. For one fan, this single act has put back their faith in human beings and the potential of human beings to be kind

Well, hopefully, other Football teams may follow this great move and progress society a little bit in terms of kindness.


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