Hunter Died After The Deer He Shot Got Up And Attacked Him

We have heard of many stories in the past of hunters killing wild animals who did no harm to them. Generally, these hunters took it as a game of pride to kill other animals. The result is clear nowadays with many of the majestic animals like tigers and deer pushed into the zone of endangerment. However, what would happen if these animals started to take their revenge? 

Well, nowadays the government has placed strict laws against the hunting of animals, especially endangered ones. However, a vengeance plot served cold between the hunted animal and the hunter would be a great Hollywood movie, wouldn’t it? Well – it turns out that reality is serving us something like this platter of cold revenge. A hunter from Arkansas has been killed by a deer which the hunter was trying to hunt.

The man of sixty-six was killed in Yellville in Arkansas during the hunting period, according to the authorities. The hunter, named Thomas Alexander used a muzzleloader to shoot the buck. As per Keith Stephens, the Chief of Communications for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, the hunter went towards the buck. The buck realized and attacked the hunter.

Deer Killer Hunter

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Alexander was gruesomely injured and was being transported to a hospital on a helicopter. He was on the phone with his wife. But before reaching the hospital, the Arkansas hunter let off his last breath. An ambulance was appointed to drive the injured hunter to the hospital.

When Alexander arrived at Baxter Regional Medical Center located in Mountain Home, he was declared dead. The cause of his death has not been declared. However, the officials in the hospital mentioned that he had puncture wounds. An autopsy would be performed to understand what the chief cause of the death of the man could be.

According to Keith, this was one of the strangest things that have happened in his 20 years of job duration.He reminded that hunters should wait for half an hour after shooting down a deer before they approach the dead body. It is possible that the deer is not dead yet. It is unclear how long Alexander may have left the deer before approaching but it is clear that he approached the buck thinking that it was dead. 

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As per the Quality Deer Management Association, hunters have been quite active in shooting deer. 2017-2018 statistics showed that about 2.9 million bucks with antlers and 2.8 million deers without antlers were shot. Deaths and hunting injuries do happen however, it is unclear whether these hunters are always killed by the hunted game. Many of them can occur due to firearm issues, heart attacks or falling from tree stands. However, as per Vox, you are more likely to a deer’s victim than sharks, alligators or bears combined.  However, it is still a 1 in 1.4 million chance.

Stephens can recall only one incident of a deer attacking its hunter four years ago. It happened in Ashley County in Arkansas and the buck pierced its antler in the hunter. But the hunter survived back then.

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

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