This Dog Waited For 3 Months At Wuhan Hospital After His Owner Died

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Due to this terrible pandemic, we might be hearing about the suffering of many people around us. Our voiceless pets may not speak much, but they too are feeling the distress that we humans are going through. They understand that something is wrong. And even worse, some of these pets are losing their family due to this virus. A devoted dog has become viral recently. The dog waited for about 3 months for his owner to get out of the hospital bed. He knew that his owner would return – he was just sick like all other times. But the wait was too long. His owner had passed away from coronavirus.

The devoted dog, Xiao-Bao, has been compared to Hachiko – another such a devoted dog who had, like Xiao-Bao, waited at the same spot for his owner after he left. As per a report, Xiao-Bao, who is 7, had waited for 3 months in the Wuhan Taikang Hospital in China though his owner had died just 5 days after he was admitted. The devoted dog would stay back at the lobby of the hospital for a prolonged period of time, waiting. The staff grew fond of him. Many passersby would feed the devoted dog. Later on, a woman, Wu Cuifen, decided to adopt him.

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She noticed the dog when she was going to her work spot mid-April. She is the one who gave the dog the name Xiao-Bao. The dog’s owner was a pensioner, and he was suffering from the complications of coronavirus. He had passed away. The devoted dog did not understand. He waited for his return.

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The story circulated for a long time on social media sites in China, tugging at the hearts of people. Now, it has come forth on Twitter and is going viral there – making people teary-eyed.

As China was beginning to slowly reopen the country in April, Wu Cuifen took this opportunity to adopt the dog. Xiao-Bao has become accustomed to her. He would wait for her each morning and also see her off when at the end of each day.

The devoted dog would still find his way back to the hospital even after he was left at a secluded spot away from the hospital. He knew where his heart lay.

Many patients later complained about his presence back in May. So, Xiao-Bao had to be given over to the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association. This Association is run by hospital nurses, and the pets are given utmost care. Vets are looking after the dog and treating him mentally and physically. He is currently at the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association, waiting for a forever home with a family that would love him and take over his heart again.

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Image credit: Hans Solo

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