Strongest Solar Flares in Years Coincide With The US Riots


By John Vibes / Truth Theory

Our world is certainly having a very strange year and collective human emotion is more intense than it has been for a generation. Of course, much of the tension in the air is in response to the exceptional conditions that people have been faced with this year, but if you believe in astrology, and the idea that what happens in space impacts our thinking down here on earth, you may have noticed that the sun has been putting off more energy than it has in years over the past week, in the midst of widespread unrest.

Researcher Adam Michalec published a report based on this hypothesis, titled, Solar Activity and Human History, in which he showed a correlation between solar flares and times of intense human activity. Of course, correlation is not always proof of causation, and this hypothesis has never been conclusively proven, but is interesting nonetheless, and has been promoted by other researchers, including Soviet-era scientist A.L. Tchijevsky.

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According to researchers at NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, the Sun emitted its largest solar flare since 2017 last week, which could indicate that the sun’s quiet period of the past few years may be over. The solar flare that occurred last week erupted on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth, but researchers here were still able to detect it.

The sun’s solar activity typically goes in cycles, and experts predict that we could be at the beginning of a new cycle. A previous solar cycle began in 2008, and then there was a following major solar storm in 2012, followed by several years of calm and quiet, before flares picked up again in 2017 and remained silent again until now.

Researchers are concerned that future solar flares, if strong enough, could disrupt communications and electricity here on earth. This has happened a few times in the past, most recently in March of 1989 when millions of Québec residents were left without power after a solar storm.

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Image Credit: NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory/Joy Ng

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