This Couple Built A Cabin For $500 Made Out Of Recycled Windows In The West Virginian Mountains

recycled windows cabin

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Back in 2012, Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz were recently unemployed and wanted a life away from the rat race of the city. So this duo planned to build their nook in the mountains of West Virginia. Their plan? Building a cabin from recycled windows within the budget of $500!

Previously, Olson was a carpenter and photographer and Horwitz a designer. Olson preferred the term “artist” instead of being restricted by his jobs of being a photographer or a woodworker or even a log builder. Olson and Horwitz decided on this location in the forests of West Virginia mountains because they had been to this location for their first date. They had come to witness the setting sun over the mountains and later decided to build their cabin there.

recycled windows

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The couple had to survive on a modest diet which included mostly boilable and canned foods in order to build their recycled windows cabin. The recycled windows make up the front wall of the cabin and the rest of it is made from repurposed wood. The windows allow in plenty of sunlight to make the small space feel open, airy, and bright. The beautiful view of nature and sunsets each day don’t hurt either! The repurposed wood was sourced from a nearby barn that had been abandoned.

3 House made of Windows

One of the reasons why this couple was able to build this cabin on a budget of $500 is that they don’t have any plumbing or electricity. And the land they build upon belongs to Olson’s family. The couple managed to build the cabin on their own in just a few months.

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Olson and Horwitz don’t live in the cabin permanently but it serves as their getaway place when they want to escape the buzz of their Milwaukee home.

2 House made of Windows

Tiny homes have created quite the buzz in the last few years. People now care more about sustainability and minimalistic living instead of owning lavish yet useless large homes. Like this duo, there are many who often wish to escape the concrete jungle and such cabins just in the middle of nowhere seem to be perfect for them!

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