Lush Is Selling Koala-Shaped Soap To Donate Money To Animals Affected By Bushfires


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We know that the home of adorable koala bears is no longer what it used to be. Ecosystems have changed. Species have become extinct. The whole world is contributing to cull the damage. So on Friday, January 24th, Lush came out with koala-shaped soaps for a limited edition “All The Wild Things”.

The soaps cost about $6.95 and are sold around the globe. In the USA, there are only 10,000 pieces available and all of them are being sold online. They released a statement saying that 100% of the sales- sans taxes- would go to the Bush Animal Fund for animal rescue, rehabilitation, and land restoration.

The already existing Outback Mate soap by Lush that is shaped like an ocean wave which is blue in color has almost the same ingredients. Both the soaps use lemongrass, peppermint, and eucalyptus as their primary oils. The Australian Koala Foundation also supported this adding that this is most fitting as koalas get their nutrition from eucalyptus leaves.

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“As a business that cares deeply for animals, people, and the planet, responding to the bushfires in Australia with funding support to impacted wildlife is simply the right thing to do,” said Tricia Stevens, Lush’s Manager of Charitable Giving and Ethical Campaigns. “By directing customer support from the purchase of All the Wild Things to grassroots animal rescue organizations, we will be able to have a direct impact on their lives and the environment in which they live.”


Approximately $70,000 is being estimated to be contributed by Lush alone while other organizations also follow suit. Billions of animals have died. Millions of hectares of forests have been affected. The ethical cosmetics giant wrote on their website that they can only “imagine the horror of those who go searching for animal survivors.” It came up with the idea after hearing the requests from both customers and staff to reach out.

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It has been the motto of Lush to be eco-friendly. They do not promote animal testing and do not create products that are not “herbal”. The brand has maintained its image on both fronts. They have raised awareness and contributions for a cause as well as promised their customers satisfactory quality.

In their blurb, they assured that this koala soap would have the same scent as its predecessor. Also, it will contain all the good oils including coconut to help make skin supple and soft. They have been true to their motto. They have also provided an opportunity for those who otherwise might not have been able to contribute.

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