This Cleaning Company Is Donating 8000 Toilet Paper Rolls To Elderly People

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Dexter Gordon, owner of Dexter Cleaning is donating 8000 toilet paper rolls to the elderly and disabled. He came to know about the initiative of donating toilet rolls on Fox FM.

Byron Cook and Fifi Box were behind this toilet paper donation drive. Dexter heard about the initiative on the radio. He determined to contribute after seeing the crisis of toilet paper amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

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The presenters were overwhelmed seeing Dexter’s generosity. They took it to social media and praised Mr. Gordon. They posted an Instagram picture of piled up toilet paper rolls thanking Dexter Cleaning. The cleaning company then thanked the presenters for this great initiative. They also shared the post on their Instagram.

Dexter Cleaning has never sold toilet papers before. But after seeing the Coronavirus pandemic they decided to step in and help.

The presenters will distribute the toilet paper rolls to elderly and disabled people. Fox FM listeners can also nominate needy people through their website.

Dexter cleaning has already ordered for new stocks.  In their Instagram post, they requested people to consider buying toilet paper rolls for those people in need.  They used hashtag #InItTogether #HonourSystem in the post.

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Before this news, Woolworths announced to dedicate an hour every day for elderly and disabled people. But soon that was busted as a publicity stunt. Elderly people gathered outside Woolworths on Tuesday only to find out empty stocks of toilet paper rolls.

Supermarkets giants have imposed a limit of one-pack per shop. This caused shops like Aldi, Coles, and Woolworths to crackdown overstocks of toilet paper rolls.

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