This Blind Japanese Skater Does Insane Tricks With His Cane

blind Japanese skater

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Last December, a blind Japanese skater was shaking up the internet with his groovy moves and cane tricks. Instagram user the_jido has recently shared some clips of this unnamed skater. He can be seen riding concrete waves at a skateboard park. The baggy shirt and jeans complete the “skateboarder” look! What people immediately noticed was unlike most other skateboarders, this person had a white cane with him. He was using it to navigate the park.

Ryusei Ouchi: The Blind Japanese Skater

Reuters found the genius named Ryusei Ouchi. Born with perfect vision, he developed a condition when he was 7 years old. Since then his vision has been deteriorating. This Tokyo resident gets by with the help of his cane now. He has been skateboarding since he was 15 years old. This blind Japanese skater uses the ramps to express himself.

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There are multiple videos available online that have captured this talented blind Japanese skater doing his tricks. His talent with the board is more than enough to compensate for his limited vision. Dropping in off large ramps, riding rails, and even performing handstand tricks, Ouchi has impressed the local skateboarding community and earned him a sizeable following on social media.


Blind or otherwise, the skills this talented young man shows are truly worthy of praise. And he has received plenty of it from his online fans.

Some were going gaga over his skills and expressed how they looked up to him. Others were full of praises for this blind Japanese skater. Ouchi wants to continue skateboarding and wants to use it to spread awareness about the visually impaired community. His only wish is that the society turns more understanding towards such groups.

Image Credit: the_jido

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