Lighting ‘Ball Of Fire’ Wipes Out All Of Zimbabwean Farmer’s 1,000 Chickens

Chicken farm

By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

A Zimbabwean farmer has incurred major losses after 1,000 of her chickens were killed by a lightning bolt last week.

This is according to reports coming out of Zimbabwe, including the Sunday News, which displayed photographs of the burnt-out fowl run.

The incident with the 1,000 chickens being killed by a lightning bolt happened in the Mahaja village in Ntabazinduna. The livestock had belonged to Ms Sidumisile Mathe.

She had raised the chickens to the required age for market and was three days away from selling them – a buyer had been arranged.

Ms Mathe described how after some heavy rainfall, a bolt of lightning hit the chicken run.

“It was like a huge ball of fire,” she said. “It was scary. I immediately rushed back to the fowl run screaming for help.

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“Neighbors came through as they initially thought that maybe the lightning had struck while we were inside the fowl run because we would spend most of our time in the fowl run.”

According to the farmer, she had recently spent US $2,500 to build the fowl enclosure and around US$1, 000 for the feed. All of which was destroyed as well.

More reports of dead chickens

Ms Mathe had been viewed as a chicken project success story in Ntabazinduna region.

There was also a report of another farmer in the area who lost 150 chickens. This was after heavy rain caused a chicken coop to collapse upon the birds.

Further warnings were issued for more ‘violent storms’ in the Matabeleland area. These warnings included lighting, high winds and flash floods.

Last week more serious storm damage occurred in Lusulu, which is in Zimbabwe’s Binga District.

In that instance 30 homes were destroyed following a thunderstorm which brought severe winds.

And last month, 10 schools in the Matabeleland North area of the country were also wind damaged.

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