Goat Jumps In Police Car, Eats Paperwork, Then Headbutts Officer

Goat Police Car

By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

Police in America have come under a lot of scrutiny of late, with bodycam footage now crucial in terms of accountability, and also for capturing the odd rogue goat it seems!

In sadly too many cases, bodycam footage is needed when there has been some kind of violent conduct by an officer towards a member of the public.

But in this case in Georgia, a policewoman’s bodycam footage instead provided an entertaining clip which has quickly gone viral online.

Credit should go to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office’s for posting the incident on their Facebook page and allowing people to have a light-hearted laugh at their expense.

“Here is a little Friday humor to help lighten the mood. *WARNING* Before watching the video please understand that there is some mild cursing,” read the post that accompanied the video, released on Friday 4 September.

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What transpired is that the officer left her car unattended while delivering some civil papers at a private residence in a rural area.

Goat with an attitude

But when she returned, she found a rather feisty and confident goat busy munching down on her paperwork.

Despite the officer’s reprimands, the goat continues to chow down on her papers, even after it finally climbs out the vehicle.

Then as a final parting shot, the animal gives her a fairly light headbutt, enough though to knock the policewoman to the ground.

By that time a couple of dogs have also appeared on the scene and it all becomes a bit of a circus.

Fortunately though no one is hurt, and it all ends well. Its not quite clear though if the papers are recovered, or have to be replaced!


“Even though she was knocked to the ground she was not physically harmed in the incident. At the end of the day we all got a little laugh out of it and we hope you do as well!” read another part of the department’s statement.

Wondering why the car door was left open in the first place? That’s because, according to the police department, the officer has regularly had to beat a hasty retreat to her car after being chased by dogs!

If it wasn’t for the bodycam, it’s a story not too many would believe. As one person commenting on the Facebook post, joked, “Had that happen once teacher really didn’t believe me when I said my goat ate my homework.”

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Image Credit: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (Georgia)

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