This Bitcoin Guy Developed A Dr Octopus Suit For A Boy Suffering From Hypermobility Issues

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Bitcoin had really shaken the world. It was always a risky affair but some people took the risk and voila – they became millionaires. Of course, not everyone had the same fate. Some people are just born lucky. Consider Erik Finman – he invested in Bitcoin and became one of the youngest millionaires of our time. That’s quite an achievement for anyone, let alone someone who is at the ripe age of 19. What would you expect Finman to do with that much amount of money? Perhaps, give parties, go to nightclubs – maybe buy the best gaming device if he taps into his geeky self.

Well, Finman was wiser than any average teenager. He went on to invest his money in something special. No, it wasn’t to make him earn more money. Not, as of now. One of his mentor’s son, Aristou Meehan, came up with the idea of a working model of Dr Octopus’s arms. Anyone who has watched Spiderman can immediately imagine the model. A comic book fan, Meehan was fascinated with the costumes at Comic Con and wanted something cool like that. The only catch is – he wanted to that costume functional. Well, if you have an idea, all you need is an investor. And there was Finman, ready with his money to make Meehan’s dream come true. With a group of engineers, Finman invested much of his money into the project.

The exoskeleton of this wonderful piece was made using 3D printing. But the arms needed to be controlled by the wearer. For that, there are rear-mounted microcontrollers and eight motors which will power up the thing and give life to the mechanical arms. The user just has to slip his hands in the gloves and control the arms with the middle finger on either hand. The multiple axes on the arms could be manipulated and so, in the end, it can be properly used just like the arms of Dr Octopus.

But the catch is – the arms are not made for Finman. Rather, he wanted to make it for Aristou Meehan. Aristou Meehan is the son of one of Finman’s many mentors and he suffers from hypermobility issues. It’s terrible that this 10-year kid has to suffer from this disorder. But thanks to Finman, there’s a way out. For Finman, he just wanted to do something special for a kid this young.

Finman started working with a group of engineers and invested much of his money into the project. The result was mind-blowing. Meehan couldn’t have been happier with the item. He loved it and it also made him the popular in school. Most of all, he is now capable of doing a lot more with the help of Dr. Octopus’ hands which was quite impossible before.

Finman would love to mass produce such a wonderful product and see to it that it gets used for the wellbeing of other human beings. However, according to him, it is still very much like a concept car. He has been talking to many people to find a way out and mass produce this product in any way possible. He also plans to open source the design in the near future so that any other aspiring engineer could develop this product easily and make something happen about it.

Finman was able to show something that we often forget in our late teens or early twenties – that it is possible for us to change the life of others if we put our mind to it. For Finman, it had not been easy. Even if you have money, you really need the right intention to sacrifice that money for a greater good. We may not have the same amount of wealth, but we are equally capable if we arm ourselves with the right intention.

For now, let us imagine a world where this kind of technology is easy to buy in the market and benefits the right kind of people. Would be pretty amazing to see Dr Octopuses roaming around the streets, wouldn’t it?

IMAGE CREDIT: Digital Trends


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